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Two Boos Who Eat: May 2009

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Two Boos Who Eat: May 2009

Two Boos Who Eat

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

After the Chateau. Exploring Yosemite!

After a delicious breakfast at the Chateau Du Sureau my family and I headed over to explore Yosemite a little bit.


Here's Half Dome!



Andy, my little brother Daniel and myself posing for my dad.


The waterfalls were really flowing! But I hear that tons more water flows through during the winter. We'll have to get back sometime.



We got hungry and stopped by the Yosemite Cafeteria. I got a turkey sandwich on marbled rye. It was overloaded with turkey, I had to take 4-5 slices off!


Andy got the southwest chicken on sourdough. We were both impressed by how good these typical deli sandwichs were.



I got excited because we saw a deer!



A second and third deer joined in. So cool!

I think Yosemite is the perfect place to explore and relax for a weekend. What national parks have you been to?

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Chateau Du Sureau

Andy and I had the pleasure of visiting the Chateau Du Sureau in Yosemite about a year ago. My parents, little brother Daniel, Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike also visited with us.


As we arrived, I kind of screamed. "OMIGOD! This is heaven!" Oakhurst is such a pretty area of California. This was my first trip to Yosemite and I had no preconceived notions of what it would look like.


I was overjoyed when we walked inside the Chateau. The hostess suggested we sit in the library for a few. She handed us 2 homemade cookies and some strawberry lemonade and disappeared.




And yes, the library boasted a copy of Harry Potter. Made my day!

We went out to dinner with my family and came back to find our beds turned down.


We stayed in the "Rosemary" room and I really loved the bed. It was incredibly relaxing. I loved the turndown service!


They sent coffee up to our room.


Which we enjoyed with this delicious poundcake.


Here I am acting silly with a heart shaped truffle. Look at the fresh flowers! These really brightened up the room.



Andy enjoyed his coffee too. We are strange for haaving coffee before bed but honestly the bed was so comfy, it didn't matter!


The next morning, we gathered in the breakfast room. Here's my aunt and uncle hamming it up for the camera.


And my mom and brother.


And me and Andy!


A homemade croissant


And broiche. Andy and I split half of each.


The first course was oatmeal with lemon yogurt, caramelized peaches and a raspberry on top. If someone could make this for me everyday I would be a happy girl. I wish I got a better picture!



Here's my cute brother. He wasn't a fan of the oatmeal so they brought him pancakes! How sweet is that?


With fresh berries! YUM!


Next course was israeli couscous with a spinich frittata on top and half a chicken sausage on the side. The couscous was really great. I like how the first course was sweet and the final was savory. I'm so used to the opposite!


The couscous was chockful of veggies. Squash and zucchini I think? Loved it!


Daniel playing chess.


Hiding in the bed.

Overall I highly, highly suggest you check out the Chateau Du Sureau in Oakhurst on your way to Yosemite.

Chateau Du Sureau's Website

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too much time on my hands!

I graduate College today! I worked for 3 measly hours this am and now I am relaxing and eating lunch while waiting to go over to CSUN for the graduation ceremony.

I have a lot to post about so bear with me please! :)

Today I found some Oroweat Sandwich Thins! Finally! I had been searching forever. some states the brand is Arnold. California is weird. Our ice cream is Dreyer's and in other states it's Edy's. Whatever!



I was starving after work today so I paired my sandwich thin with a little broccoli cole slaw, garlic mustard and a morningstar chicken patty. I found some baked fire hot cheetos too! I am addicted to fire hot cheetos for some unknown reason.

I figured I should round my meal out with some veggies, so I threw in a serving of broccoli and cauliflower with some white bean hummus. I really hope this satisfies me!


A week ago, I discovered Organic Greek Yogurt at Trader Joe's! I thought Oikos was the only one?




I love the little specks of vanilla bean in it!


100% bombtastic! I love greek yogurt because 1. it has 12-19 grams of protein per serving. 2. it always fills me up 3. It's richer tasting than regular yogurt! Try some!

Now I'm off to comment to blogs, graduate college and finish wedding planning. See you later!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Winner! A little late! I suck!

Congrats to Lynne! You won my Clif Mojo giveaway!!! Woohoo!

Shoot me an email at

So sorry it took me so long! I have a lot of updating to do :)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Andy accidently posted his weigh-in in the wrong blog. Silly Andy!

Don't forget...tomorrow is the last change to enter my giveaway!

Clif Mojo Bars, don't you want some?


Even if I know you in person. Even if you've never commented.

Thanks :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Planning Part 1.

We went to a free tasting and monk ceremony at our wedding venue last night. We both feel so stressed now. The wedding is coming up so fast!


Peach Melba Bellinis. I want to find a way to have these at our wedding. They were fantastic.


Some of the cakes we checked out. We haven't decided on a cake design quite yet.




I put EVERYTHING on my plate. I wanted to sample as much as possible.


Andy helped me sample.


We tried 3 different chicken entrees, some thai meatball appetizers and a chicken & mushroom cheese filled thing.


And I loved this salad with fresh strawberries, almonds, avocado and feta cheese. Loved it!


Another favorite was Jalapeno Mac and Cheese. It isn't actually spicy at all. It's got the perfect flavor. One or two bites were not enough!


The bacon wrapped, almond stuffed date surprised me. It was like heaven! I didn't think I liked dates. But bacon is always sooo bad that it's good.


A few table settings. So expensive to upgrade!


Centerpiece ideas.


The lounge/cocktail area.

And the rest of my pics turned out really blurry! We meet with our wedding coordinator on May 16th (also our 4 year anniversary!)

More wedding planning posts to come!

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